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Poor Dinner Ticket

Dine for a Cause C.O.P.T.S. invites you to Dine for a Cause, Sunday 9th of December 2018 6:30 PM @ St Mary & St Mina Coptic Orthodox Cathedral 339 Forest Rd, Bexly NSW 2207

Saint Mary Welfare Project Of Sangkhlaburi

COPTS supports the Saint Mary welfare project, which aims to establish a centre that accommodates around 220 orphans, and poor underprivileged children in the area of Sangklaburi, Thailand. The area of Sangklaburi is known to contain a large number of orphaned children, who have lost…

Happy Heart Center El Mansoura

One of the many projects that COPTS supports is the Happy Heart Centre, which cares for mentally disable young people. The Centre was established in 2005 in Mansoura and is run by a group of servants from St. Mary’s Church in the region. The Centre…

Sponsorship: Sponsor a child, widow or family

When you sponsor a child, widow or a family in need, you don’t just give that person hope; you help that person see and feel the love of Jesus in their heart. COPTS ensures its sponsorships benefit entire communities, not just select individuals. Our contacts…

Community Development Projects

COPTS works with various organisations locally in Egypt to support communities in need. Our aim is to empower communities to be self-sufficient rather than aid dependent. The flow-on benefits of such support means that members of a community are in better health and therefore more…

Childcare Centre Service

COPTS supports the running of numerous Coptic childcare centres catering the physical, emotional and spiritual development of young children.