Community Development Projects

COPTS works with various organisations locally in Egypt to support communities in need. Our aim is to empower communities to be self-sufficient rather than aid dependent.

The flow-on benefits of such support means that members of a community are in better health and therefore more able to work and support their families.

Our community development projects include the following:

  • conduct numeracy and literacy educational programs
  • creating and financing small employment projects such as sewing and craft work
  • supplying farmers with agricultural equipment and/or farm animals
  • run agricultural educational programs for famers
  • train community leaders to ensure continuity of community work
  • educating communities about common health and hygiene practices
  • supporting children in rural communities by providing healthy meals and supporting their education, spiritual growth and development
  • running intensive training programs for local servants in rural communities
  • providing developmental programs for adults centred on health care, improving their residency conditions and economic development.