Provide vital support to facilitate and sustain community development

Sponsor a Child

$100.00 / month

When you sponsor someone of Jesus brothers or sisters, you will help him to see and feel the love of Jesus in his heart.

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Sponsor a Student

$50.00 / month

Support a student’s pursuit of a high school / tertiary education.

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Health Sponsorship

$100.00 / month

Contributing to Church supervised or operated hospitals providing specialist medical care to the needy


Childcare Centre Service

$75.00 / month

Support the running of Coptic childcare centres catering the physical, emotional and spiritual development of young children.


Job Training & Rehabilitation Sponsorship

$50.00 / month

Contribute to vocational training centres for those living in poverty across Egypt.

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Village Sponsorship – The Forgotten Villages

$100.00 / month

Support poor communities living in extreme poverty in Egypt and make lasting changes to improve people’s way of life.

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