New Project Application

This document describes project sponsoring documentation as required by the Australian Taxation Office for the eligibility of tax deductible donations.

    Name or title of the proposed project. This must be unique within the scope of project supervised or operated by the service provider.

    Country where project is to proceed. Not all countries attract tax deductibility. Countries that we know of which are currently accepted are Egypt, South Africa, Kenya and Thailand. The service provided by the project may cover a number of countries.

    Expected lifetime of the proposed project. Is it envisaged to a short or medium term (anything between 6 months and 2 years), or for an indefinite time service fulfilling an ongoing demand
    Implementing Agency / Partner

    Full name of diocese, serving agency or organization. This to include the name and contact details of the bishop or head of the service organization and name of a contact person if different. Submissions are to be on a formal letter head and signed by the bishop or head of the organization

    Defining categories of people the project is planned to provide assistance. Defining area of need and an estimate of the expected number to benefit from the service.