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Medical Services

Through the generosity of its donors, COPTS supports various medical projects and hospitals in Egypt. Some of these include the following:

St Mary and Abo Sefain Hospital (EL Hagana Area)

Medical services of the highest standard are provided to underprivileged residents of Hagana, either free of charge or for a greatly reduced sum. Services include dialysis treatments and newborn incubators.

 Ain Shamas Specialist Hospital

Another landmark not-for-profit medical facility where a very high standard of care is provided.

St John Hospital

This hospital is uniquely committed to providing better healthcare to the community, regardless of their faith. The hospital aims to become an academic and medical research centre.

Other projects include Saint Verena College, the Happy Heart Foundation and support of the mentally disabled and dumb and deaf.

C.O.P.T.S. has supported over 28 hospitals and has helped in treating over 165,000 patients.


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