About Us

C.O.P.T.S. Inc. was established in 1986 in Sydney by a group of good Samaritans, who felt for the poor and the needy in Egypt as well as in Australia, Africa and Thailand.
With all volunteers and no administration costs, COPTS delivers 100% of all funds raised to those who need it most – and has done so for over 30 years. COPTS provides vital assistance to poor communities through job creation programs, family planning, medical care and education. COPTS cooperates with various Coptic charitable organisations and our work extends to both local and overseas charity work. The Board of the organisation comprises both experienced and young volunteers, who work towards achieving its goals.

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COPTS’ mission is to serve the neediest people in Egypt and beyond, to relieve their suffering and to transform their lives.
We aim to:
• make a real lasting difference to the lives of those living in poverty through the provision of quality education, shelter and healthcare
• efficiently respond to the urgent needs of orphans and vulnerable children by ensuring they receive a formal education through payment of school fees and provision of other scholastic materials such as school uniforms and stationery
• equip small villages with safe drinking water as well as hygienic sanitation
• collaborate with other organisations and development partners who we work with
• achieve equity and gender equality in Egypt
• enable marginalized communities to participate in their own development through support and empowerment.

COPTS is committed to serving as many disadvantaged people as possible to give them a brighter future.


The Management Committee

Heshmat Grace                President
Wagdy Nada                      Vice President
Farag Gobran                   Secretary
Nagwa Hanna                  Treasurer
Awny Elghetany
Debbie Armanious
Fadi Maurice
Monica Tawadros
Morris Hanna
Sherif Beshara
John Naguib
Ramy Fahmy

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How we Work

volunteerCOPTS supports various development projects and services locally and overseas in underdeveloped countries, mainly Egypt.
Donors can make general contributions or can specify which project/service they would like their funds to be directed to. All our approved projects are tax-deductable and transferred as-is, with no administration costs to the donor.